Jonboy Caramels
Contact: Jason Alm
Address: Seattle , WA,
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About Us
Jonboy Caramels is an artisan confectionery company based in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. In 2009, Jon Sue and Jason Alm came together with the idea of making the finest small-batch caramels using the very best ingredients available. What started out as a side business, soon became a full time endeavor frequenting the bustling farmers market scene around Western Washington.

One of the aims of Jonboy Caramels is to use ingredients grown and produced close to home such as raspberry and blackberry juice from local berry farms in our Balsamic Berry Caramels (Summer seasonal) and Pacific Absinthe in our Absinthe with Black Salt Caramels. Those ingredients paired with local cream and butter, organic brown rice syrup (no corn syrup!) and organic cane sugar all come together to make the finest textured and tasting caramels out there.
We use as many ingredients as possible from local NW companies. Berries from Hayton and Sidhu farms, locally distilled absinthe from Pacific Distillery, cream from Smith Brothers, apples from Rock Ridge Orchards