SpringRain Farm & Orchard
Contact: John Bellow Roxanne Hudson
City: Chimacum, WA,
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About Us
SpringRain Farm & Orchard is a certified organic family farm located in Chimacum in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula. Our mission is to use the best available knowledge to sustainably and organically produce food for our local community. At SpringRain Farm, we are committed to conservation and caring for the land we live and grow on. The land is protected by an agricultural easement, ensuring that it will remain farmland forever. We steward Chimacum Creek, a salmon stream, and worked with partners to rehabilitate the creek and bring back the salmon. Solar power provides some of our electricity and we are working on other sustainable energy solutions. We think deeply about the health of the soil, the water, the animals, the plants, and the people we farm with.
We use a diversified farming system that involves protein, vegetables, fruit, and pollinators to provide the most sustainable system possible. All of our products are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. We take our cue from nature and strive to develop an ecological system that closely matches a natural ecosystem. We have a strong focus on ensuring our meat is ethically-raised. All of our animals live in conditions that allow them to engage in natural behaviors. Our poultry spend every day grazing in our pasture and are confined at night to protect them from predators. Visitors to the farm always notice that we fence our chickens out of where we don’t want them to be rather than fencing them into a pen.