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City: Seattle, WA,
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About Us
Female founded and operated by two sisters living on opposite coasts of the U.S. Together we are Afterglow Creative.

We started hand pouring candles in our small studio apartment kitchen in Seattle, WA trying to find the perfect scents that reminded us of memories past. Our hope is to trigger some of your fondest memories and bring them back to life. Maybe it’s the smell of sea salt and oil from your Grandfather's old ship or maybe it’s the cinnamon and vanilla aromas that fill your home during the Holidays. Whatever the fragrance, we hope our candles make you smile!

Each candle has a creamy coconut wax base, infused with a mix of phthalate free fragrance/essential oils and are topped by untreated - FSC Certified wooden wicks that give a comforting fireplace crackle. Our coconut wax* provides an eco-friendly, sustainable, clean burn base for our candles.

*Coconut wax is a blend of coconut and soy, blended for performance, tends to burn longer than traditional soy wax.