Tight 5 Farm
City: Seattle , WA,
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About Us
Tight 5 farm is a hydrponic microgreens grow located in Ballard. Specializing in urban agriculture we look to grow sustainably in our ultra-minimalist hydroponic vertical farming unit. We utilize cubic meters, not acres. Infinitely scalable and ethically sustainable, every aspect of our production is streamlined for minimal impact and a tiny ecological footprint. Our clean process only outputs oxygen, quality compost, and food. We harvest everything by hand for a quality product with a longer shelf life.
There's no reason to stay stuck in the past. Humans of the future will be eating food grown in urban centers, not rural land. Food from local farm to table, not shipped hundreds of miles by truck. Food sustainably grown in the agricultural pod on the space station, not shipped from elsewhere at great cost. Why not start farming now the way our grandchildren will be?