Blue Summer House
City: Marrowstone Island , WA,
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About Us
I have been fascinated with fiber arts since a very early age.

After many years of working with textiles I found that I love linen the most. And ever since 2015 I have been working with linen only.

Linen is the oldest fiber in the world, and it is just so beautiful, and has such amazing natural properties and sustainability.

I find linen to be the most ethically made textile, which for me is very important. I bring linen fabrics from a small Baltic country where linen flax has been grown for centuries and is considered a sacred plant.

When I fell in love with linen, I had a vision to create a line of clothing and accessories for the home. Something that is stylish, beautiful, practical and long lasting. I believe in quality over quantity.

It is my goal to make products that will be loved and used for a long time. I want my customers to experience the joy that comes from using well made handcrafted items on a daily basis.

All these linens are made using old traditional stone-washing techniques, and are certified in Europe by Oeko-Tex, which means that there were no harsh chemicals used in the entire flax growing and linen production process.

I enjoy the creative process of working with linen. Each piece is individually cut and sewn with extra care and attention to detail.

Everything I make for my store I personally adore.

Why "Blue Summer House"? It was a real house in a small town of Russia where I was raised by my grandmother. It was an amazing place where she taught me all kinds of arts and crafts, including folk arts. That's where I was first introduced to textile making and sewing, and learnt my appreciation of everything beautiful. The years may pass, but my wonderful grandmother is always with me, in my happy memories of our life together in our magical blue summer house.

I currently live and work on Marrowstone Island in WA.


Anya Koultysheva