Firefly Kitchens
Contact: Julie O'Brien
Address: 844 NW 49th Street Seattle, WA, 98102
Email Address:
Phone: 206-436-8399
About Us
Firefly Kitchens creates naturally fermented foods, including kimchi, krauts and salsas. Unlike other pickled and preserved products, Firefly's fermented foods are completely raw and naturally preserved. During the process of fermentation, "good bacteria" - also known as probiotic bacteria - proliferate, which produces lactic acid. It also creates billions of live probiotics and digestive enzymes that are great for your health!
The vegetables in our products are purchased locally, when available. These sources include farms such as: Alvarez Organic Farms, Full Circle Farm, Nash's Organic Produce, Channing Farm, Boldly Grown Farm, Hogstead Farm and others.