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We get all our ingredients in local Seattle areas, like Charley's produce, Merlino foods.
A year after the 2017 launch of King’s Mozzarella, Costas now works for himself full time. He and Mary make their cheeses in a 600-square-foot facility in Kent, with a little after-school help from their kids. King’s specializes in mozzarella, burrata, and Oaxaca cheese, as well as marinades made with fresh vegetables and herbs from their neighbors at Carpinito Brothers and their fellow farmers market vendors. King’s Mozzarella sells at ten farmers markets a week during the summer and three — Ballard, University District, and Capitol Hill — year-round.
“I wake up in the morning not to go to work, but to grow something,”

Mozzarella isn’t just cheese, Costas contends. “It’s an art.” Cheese makers, like him, who make it the old-fashioned way, by hand, impart a milky flavor and soft, creamy texture without the addition of unnecessary ingredients. An un-aged, stringy cheese that’s high in water content and low in fat, mozzarella requires double processing. First, coagulant is added to milk and stirred over medium-high heat to form curds. “Once you have curds, you can make the mozzarella commercially in a machine or with your hands.” Costas reheats his curds in hot water set to a specific temperature, then stretches, folds, and shapes them until they take the perfect texture.