Sunset Hill Ceramics
Contact: Elizabeth Alexander
Address: 6316 30th Avenue Northwest Seattle, WA, 98107
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Phone: 206-351-3307
About Us
I have always found an internal peace when sitting and creating pottery. From feeling the earthiness of clay spinning in my hands to throwing a 5 pound slab, the physical as well as the creative aspect have kept me physically and mentally alive.

Come join me on Sundays at Ballard's farmers market!
I enjoy bringing high-fired beautiful ceramics to the table and home for daily use. I believe that sharing a home cooked meal with friends is one of the best gifts we can give to one another. Creating cone 10 high-fired ceramics takes longer than most other methods of firing pottery, but I am motivated by the spirit of working with the fire, the hands-on connection with the (material), and the depth of results that are achieved through this process.