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Welcome to the online home of Sno-Valley Mushrooms--proudly located just outside the town of Duvall, in King County, Washington State, USA.

Our fresh mushrooms and "grow-at-home" kits are available year round at our region's finest farmers markets, grocers, CSAs, home-delivered produce boxes, and restaurants, and via our online store and via Etsy. We can also provide fruiting substrates, spawn, cultivation supplies, fungal cloning, and mycological/mycocultural consulting for other farms or educational institutions—please contact us at with inquiries.
We provide high quality mushrooms for the Fungus-Hungry denizens of King County” We sell 99% of our fresh mushrooms within 40 miles of our farm, serving Seattle and the Greater Eastside—Now that’s LOCAL!

As of May 2020, we scatch-cultivate 2000lbs a week of Shiitake, Lions Mane, Blue Oyster, Queen Oyster, Cinnamon Cap, Abalone, and Piopinni mushrooms using locally sourced sawdust and milling byproducts, and using in-house spawn grown on local craft grains.