Uphill Designs
Contact: Daniel Sedlacek, Mallory Monahan, David DeBey
Address: 2821 NW Market St Suite D Seattle, WA, 98107
Email Address:
Phone: 360-878-2476
About Us
Today we are focused on creating community through our Ballard Design Studio and sharing our obsession with leatherworking through classes, events and lasting products. You won’t find us making trekking poles anymore (although you can see a relic from Mal’s pair in our studio windows), but the underlying, magnetic pull of Uphill's 'Why' is the same. Whether it’s a hiking backpack or a fanny pack, we believe the things we carry are expressions of who we are. Languages bridge the gap between ourselves and others.The language we speak is connection, we just happen to use leather to express it.
Dan and I were at a consignment store and I remember turning around, catching just a glimpse of a sleeve and someone knowing I had found… It. The shirt was 90s vintage with shoulder-pads and a strong earth-toned design. I’ve worn it to everything form a wedding to a brewery. Because I feel damn cool when I put it on-I feel allowed to be me. Maybe it’s a little superficial, but I believe the products we use can help us SHOW UP WITH CONFIDENCE -- and that's special.

At that moment, the way I designed just clicked - my intention is to make you feel like I do when I put on that shirt, because I believe it's ok to feel cool (my definition = being yourself, not fitting in.) Yes, I’m a stickler about beauty, perfection, durability, and fit but if our product doesn’t pass the Shoulder Pad Shirt Test, if it doesn’t help you express you, we’re not going to make it.