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Pick-Up Option #1: If you want to pick up your order and don’t intend to enter the full Market turn onto 22nd AVE NW from Shilshole AVE NW. Head north via car or on foot to the Information Tent and pick up your order at the info booth. This option will be available from 9:30AM – 1PM on Sunday. Please note, this option is only available for pick-up and is NOT a market entrance, please see Pick-up Option #2 to enter the full market and pick up this preorder. 

Pick-up Option #2If you are on-foot and want to pick-up your order and also shop the entire Farmers Market, You must enter through the line at the intersection of Market Street and 22nd AVE NW or the intersection of NW Vernon Place and Ballard AVE NW.  Go to the front of the line where we will verify your preorder, and it will be available for pick-up between 9:30am – 1pm.